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 Can we have pet Ewoks?

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PostSubject: Can we have pet Ewoks?   Thu Oct 17, 2013 1:08 pm

I feel this question is pertinent as it will set the tone for the entire campaign. As Ewoks are just half sized Wookies, and Wookies are known to swear a life debt in certain cases, is it possible to have a "pet" Ewok?

I can see many cases where a Ewok servant will provide not just entertainment, but also plenty of RP opportunities. Additionally, I will of course have to outfit my Ewok with appropriate outfits to help solidify its role as it pertains to a Master/Servant dynamic.

I have also read, in the expanded universe, that Ewoks have remarkable absorbency, so after a rough space battle we could use our indentured servant Ewok as a space Sham-wow of sorts.

If Jason needs to practice some of his less lethal Force powers, he will have an outlet. Also the possibility of a Force-sensitive Ewok in our "employ" is almost too comical to resist!

Thank you for your consideration.

(The above has been a work of satire and is not to be taken seriously.)
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PostSubject: Re: Can we have pet Ewoks?   Fri Oct 18, 2013 6:04 pm

Uh huh. You'll be bored in three weeks, and I'LL end up walking it!
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Can we have pet Ewoks?
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