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 Sweat Lodge

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PostSubject: Sweat Lodge   Sweat Lodge EmptyFri Oct 17, 2014 12:27 pm

What you know so far...


7:30pm - Sweat Lodge begins at the Raven’s Roost (Basketball Arena). The entire freshman class is there.

7:45pm – Some of you notice an administrator in an animated conversation with a couple of member of the janitorial staff. She gestures up towards the top of the arena where there appears to be some faint graffiti. Jock sings something like the school fight song.

9:00-9:15pm – Break into groups. Your group meets in room 12 in the basement of the arena. On the way there you startle a security guard who ducks into a room marked “Physical Engineering Room.” You also notice the room has a large stack of fire extinguishers inside. You hear the door lock after he enters. Bobby Niles's senior advice...“Be a Zebra.”

9:30pm – Jim Bob and Zeb hear a crash from outside room 12. They check outside and find the security who entered the “Physical Engineering Room” investigating a broken video camera. He questions Jim Bob and Zeb leaving the group as Professor Glen “GlenMac” Maclanahan and his graduate assistant Jackson Green arrive to ask about their broken camera. They mention they are trying to gather evidence about a female ghost rumored to haunt the basement. A couple of Janitors walk by with sponges and buckets grousing about having to clean up graffiti now instead of in the morning.

9:45pm – The band, “A Jury of Robots,” starts playing upstairs and the pizza arrives from the Pizza Barn a local pizza place popular with college students.
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Sweat Lodge
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