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 A Universe of Darkness

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PostSubject: A Universe of Darkness   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:15 am

Post here if you want to play. Then we will figure out scheduling.
I have enough information compiled to run a mediocre WOD space campaign.

Your characters will start on Earth, leave earth to solve "The Problem", and eventually retire (or die).

Humanity is spread out through the galaxy, Terraforming and colonizing their way across vast expanses of space. Some of the old countries have lost their names as they constructed interplanetary empires, but most should be recognizable.

Meanwhile the supernatural has made its presence known through numerous channels.

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PostSubject: Timeline   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:16 am

Here is a timeline per century:

*Taxes are increased to 14%
*Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Apple Computers merge to form SkyNet and the search-engine/business computer gains self-awareness.
*Jetpacks are outlawed in major cities due to noise complaints.
*Flying car insurance prices skyrocket after Toyota announces a fatal flaw in guidance programming.
*The first “Braindance” invented.
*Begin terraforming research on mars.
*Jack Nicolson outs himself as a Werewolf. Hue Jackman and several others follow suit. Randy Savage publishes a book about the werewolf ring in the WWE.

*Taxes are increased to 21%
*Defense budget cut and all military spending is outsourced to SkyNet. Robots resembling human skeletons replace the current infantry.
*Jetpacks make a comeback with silent technology, but are still outlawed in major cities.
*Braindance replaces TV. Being able to walk and Braindance at the same time becomes standard for teens. Braindancing and driving/flying becomes illegal.
*Steve Jobs announces his immortality and “outs” several other vampires in the process.
*Cybernetics becomes mainstream and stylish.
*Faster Than Light (FTL) travel discovered.

*Taxes are increased to 49%
*Global government formed and stabilized.
*Lesbians against Cyborgs successfully petition an anti-marriage ban for the union of Clones and Robots. Actual Cyborgs are unaffected by the bill.
*Despite SkyNets ominous name, and endless doomsday prophecies from naysayers, the company/entity proves to be more efficient than any previous defense system, and surprisingly easy to chat with.
*With “full-conversion” humans becoming more popular, supernatural hate crimes are at an all-time high.

*Taxes are increased to 63%
*“Genesis” terraforming perfected and patented by Khan Inc.
*Earth creates the first mobile Solar System Destroyer and begins funding for defenses against it.
*The Clone/Robot marriage ban is lifted. Clones rejoice, Robots are indifferent.
*The nudist movement is put to an end after healthcare bills skyrocket from “cuts and bruises”. Modern fashion becomes “kneepads and jockstraps” with an emphasis on shoe color.

The year is 2411.
*Taxes were increased to 66% this year.
*President Patricia Lockheed and First Lady Sophia have just been inaugurated.
*The most popular song on the radio is “I flopped your girlfriend (in a braindance)”.
*Offensive body odor has been outlawed.

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PostSubject: Characters   Thu Apr 21, 2011 4:18 am

Cybernetics is commonplace, full conversions can go toe to toe with a werewolf (and win).
If you wish to be human you cannot start as full-conversion (sorry jack). You will most likely be lunch-meat. This could still be fun if you wish to limit yourself and use your intuition to solve problems and rub it in everyone’s face that you can get by just fine without supernatural powers.

You’re a beast! Because of the werewolves tie with Gaia and Luna you will need to have a contact with them or become progressively weakened. This may be something as simple as communing with her each night, or as complex as needing to keep a full-grown tree and a chunk of the moon aboard your ship. The more bizarre the concept, the more power you will receive from it.

Somehow it feels like you were MADE for space. Vampires still tend live amongst humans, and are wary of vampire-free zones. Out in the emptiness vampires tend to feel very at home, but still need to feed.

Still not completely outed. Mages still hide in the shadows believing that the “sleepers” shape the universe with their imaginations. There will be fairly strict rules on mage powers, and being caught using them may result in repercussions from the council, who has universal reign over time and space. The only outlawed sphere is Time, only NPCs will have that and they will taunt you with it incessantly.

We can talk about it. No wraiths.
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PostSubject: Re: A Universe of Darkness   Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:14 pm

i'm in. need to think about character concepts.
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PostSubject: Re: A Universe of Darkness   Mon May 02, 2011 8:23 pm

Sounds fun, count me in
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PostSubject: Re: A Universe of Darkness   

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A Universe of Darkness
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