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 Zazesspur City

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PostSubject: Zazesspur City   Zazesspur City EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 3:21 am

City demographics, etc:

Population 216,485
Humans 70%
Halflings 12%
Gnomes 6%
Half-elves 4%
Others 8%

Zazesspur, locally called "Zaz". The formal capital of Tethyr. Deepwater ports with heavy trade. The High City is north of the river and is the largest, most populous portion. This is generally what folk talk of when they refer to Zazesspur. The Low City south of the river is the older city, built over the ruins of older Zazesspurs and Fort Karlag. In the Low City, there are no districts, but two boroughs stand out: Karlaggar, the mercenary’s quarter, and the smithy/warehouse district called the Fortress

There are 2 maps that are often sold within the city. All players have been here for some time and probably have one of each.

1) The tourists map, 3 silver at most places
Zazesspur City Zazzespur

2) The Merchants map, 1 gold through the Trackers and Locksmiths guild
Zazesspur City Zazesspur

Places within the city:

Tinkersdam's Cave - A sight for adventurers. The caves run deep into dwarven ruins, but most never venture that far. Regular tours are held in the upper layer to make normal people feel like adventurers, but without the risk.

House of Tears - A healing house for the god Ilmater. See: Ilmater Wiki

House of the Steadfast - the original home of the stalwarts, the Helm-worshipers who created the Monocle of Bagthalos

School of Stealth - Trains Trackers and Hunters along with guards and militia.

Alaundo's Books - One of the few powerful spellcasters that have remained in Telthyr. Where most practiced spellcasters head south to the desert lands where there is promise of easy wages.

The Purple Minotaur - A nice Inn and lounge, occasionally rented for weddings and important parties.

The Hanging Gardens - Dyadin Rycigna: Owner of the Hanging Gardens Tavern has kept this building in tip-top shape for some time, world renowned for her wine and cheese. Slightly more expensive than most Taverns, it has a feel of elegance.

The Winsome Repose - A safely rowdy bar where bards tend to swap stories and songs.

The Firehawk Inn - Closed to the public, this inn is for caravans. Booked in advanced and staffed with 24hour healer and armed guards, it is secure and relaxing.

The Smiling Centaur - Lively Inn that prides itself on its stables.

The Breaching Whale - A typical rowdy dockside Inn. Rumor has it a foreign investor wishes to buy the Inn and change the name to "The Mud Hole".

Thellagar House - When Zaz was still the capitol, this is where the ruling royalty stayed. Now it is more of a high priced hotel with armed guards and various exotic luxuries.

Alisande Court - Another royal palace, which is now a tomb for many royalty with an expansive garden and museum open to the public, for a small donation deposit in the donation box.

Minaret Palace - Minor royal residence, but it and its outbuildings have served as a central meeting hall for the Council of Lords for some time.

The Chain Towers - These flank the opposing shores of Karlaggar and Ships’ District are used by the Civic Guard to raise chains across the mouth of the river and cut off access to and from the docks from sunset to sunrise.

The Foaming Sands Bath House - New-Age Lathander and Sune healers provide an amalgam of services to those who pay a little extra.

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PostSubject: Re: Zazesspur City   Zazesspur City EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 3:52 am

Organizations of note:

Coucil of Lords - Mayors of Zazesspur

Spellcraft Association - Wizards, Sorcerers, Arcane crafters.

Trackers and Lockmiths Guild - Where most Rogues find their home.

Guild of swords - Blades for hire, individuals or mercenary groups.

Surrounding towns:

Ennis, small farming village with a lone wizards tower, exiled from Zazesspur.

Athy - Crossraods town, often times poor caravans will stay here instead of within the city.
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Zazesspur City
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