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 Iafax of Amn

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Iafax and his family are the last of a great noble line. His descendants were wielders of dark magic who cruelly ruled from on high; rumors of dark dealings with Outsiders often whispered through their kingdoms. However, that was long ago and slowly their empire dissolved into a merchant legacy. Iafax's house has been more than successful at maintaining their grip on the marketplaces of Amn. And, even Iafax himself has been cast as a shrewd negotiator and often described as "tough, but fair". But Iafax wants more than a hefty purse...

Imposing in stature, Iafax stands large compared to most humans. And, it is within this massive shell swirls the remnants of his family's sordid past. He was born with the inherent gift of the Dark Speech and the supernatural gift of invocation; gifts he intends to master, then use to re-establish power of his predecessors. He has traveled to Zaz with a trade caravan to find adventurers - men and women as brave as he who will test their mettle against the gods, nature, and the dark under the stairs to become the people that they were meant to be. Wisdom? Wealth? Only mildly satisfying. Iafax intends to stand upon the highest mountain to survey all that is and know it belongs to him. Only then will he rest.

And he is patient.
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Iafax of Amn
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